Live Interactive Documentary

An intervention and interrogation of screen culture. Live Interactive Documentary explores new methods and theories for an interdisciplinary, innovative, and embodied, performance-based history documentary that engages active spectator-participants.

A Collaborative Spectacle

We fuse video projection with live narration to make a spectacle of the editing process. Audio and video are live-mixed in the space; in the place of preprogrammed point-and-click options audiences are invited to stand and speak. The team responds through commentary and live-mixing imagery, film clips and music.

Engaging Discourse and Dialectic

We foreground the local and embodied act of reception to propose a new form of democratized cinema in which audience members are not merely receiving and interacting within their own heads. They may stand up. They may be seen, heard, a part of the performance.

Trailer #1

130 Year Road Trip

Our Supporters

Thank you to all our supporters that have enabled the Live Doc Project to grow and expand on its vision