Live Interactive Documentary

An intervention and interrogation of screen culture. Live Interactive Documentary explores new methods and theories for an interdisciplinary, innovative, and embodied, performance-based history documentary that engages active spectator-participants.

A Collaborative Spectacle

We fuse video projection with live narration to make a spectacle of the editing process. Audio and video are live-mixed in the space; in the place of preprogrammed point-and-click options audiences are invited to stand and speak. The team responds through commentary and live-mixing imagery, film clips and music.

Engaging Discourse

We foreground the local and embodied act of reception to propose a new form of democratized cinema in which audience members are not merely receiving and interacting within their own heads. They may stand up. They may be seen, heard, a part of the performance.



The goal is to take elements of interactive documentary and put them in real/analog space.

Humans instead of algorithms process the options, allowing the film to be spontaneous and the pathways infinite.


130 Year Road Trip


Check out what our audience says

As an audience member, I was excited by the scope, scale, and collaborative nature of the Live Doc. The visuals, music, and narration added an extra dimension to my movie-going experience, and made me feel like a direct participant in the storytelling process. The doc team is to be commended for creating a “must-be-experienced” engagement with history and for reminding all of us of the power of the creative arts.


JAN 2018

Check out what our audience says

I thought the out-takes at the end were really strong and I loved the parts where the interviews don’t always corroborate the thesis of the project; the presentation really conveyed the messiness of historical research in a way that academic writing often doesn’t (for the most part).The discussion also was very strong and I thought the dialogical part might be developed further as that’s where I really got a sense of the global implications of the project.


JAN 2018




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