Svjetlana Oppen

Director of Photography / Technical Advisor

Svjetlana Oppen

Director of Photography / Technical Advisor
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Svjetlana Oppen has a BA in Communications, Media and Film, a BSc in Computer Science and is currently an MFA Candidate in the University of Windsor’s Film and Media Arts program in the School of Creative ArtsSvjetlana has extensive experience in film and video production, both academically and commercially. Her works as a Director of Photography include narrative and documentary films such as: 130 Year Road Trip Live (2017), On Girls (short narrative 2016), The Card (short narrative 2016), Through Their Eyes (feature documentary 2015), What Is Home (feature documentary 2012). Svjetlana’s research ranges from social justice awareness to the complexities of the fragmented national identities of immigrants, with emphasis on personal memories, collective memories, and nostalgia. She currently resides as Technical Director of the Windsor International Film Festival where she overseas all aspects of film projection, data asset, and technical staff training. 

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Part 3: Digital Feedback


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