From members of our audience

The Voices of the Audience

The Live Doc was so impactful. I left the venue in deep thought and absolute fascination in how the audience questions shaped the content that was displayed and discussed by the narrator. I would recommend the show to any history or film buff.

Katie Logan , Audience Member

The Live Doc challenged traditional roles of audience, filmmaker, musician, and narrator. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate the modern relevance of historical events. I look forward to more work in this genre.

Gemma Smyth

My experience was great. Although I didn’t ask questions. I thought the audience participation and critique really drove the performance forward. It helped me understand the ‘Live’ in Live Doc.

Anonymous , WIFF Audience Member

The Live Doc had an electric feel to it. None of us in the audience knew exactly how others were going to respond to this emotional journey into history that resonates so strongly with many contemporary issues we are grappling with in society today. I think everyone felt bonded together through this exploration in words, music, and image.

Susan Holloway

The Live Doc concept was an enlightening way to tell a story and engage with the audience. I look forward to more Live Doc Performance’s at the film festival. Most patrons were highly impressed and asked if more Live Doc’s would be debuted in the future.

Dilsher Salman , Director of Volunteers, WIFF

The Live Doc concept pushed the envelope of how history/education is delivered. It was by far the most interactive session/seminar I’ve ever been too. The intersection between film, music, and narration was a style of documenting history, more multi-disciplinary artists should pursue.

Jesse Carnevale , Lawyer

As an audience member, I was excited by the scope, scale, and collaborative nature of the Live Doc. The visuals, music, and narration added an extra dimension to my movie-going experience, and made me feel like a direct participant in the storytelling process. The doc team is to be commended for creating a “must-be-experienced” engagement with history and for reminding all of us of the power of the creative arts.

Debra Henderson

Very Impressive. I thought the narration was great and brought the story to life. The interviews were really cool and offered all types of perspectives that I think many people often overlook when studying history.

Anonymous , WIFF Audience Member

I thought the out-takes at the end were really strong and I loved the parts where the interviews don’t always corroborate the thesis of the project; the presentation really conveyed the messiness of historical research in a way that academic writing often doesn’t (for the most part).The discussion also was very strong and I thought the dialogical part might be developed further as that’s where I really got a sense of the global implications of the project.

Lee Rodney

Inspiring, Engaging & Entertaining.
A captivating experience seamlessly integrating film, history, music, interaction and narration. Each element masterly interwoven complimenting each other – creating an artful composition and an elevated experience.
Creative & Powerful.

Catherine Ozimek